What software do race engineers use in motorsports?

What software do race engineers use in motorsports? May, 8 2023

Introduction to Race Engineering Software

In the world of motorsports, race engineers play a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance of a race car. One way they achieve this is by using advanced software to analyze and fine-tune various aspects of the car. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and widely-used software in the motorsports industry. So, let's dive in and learn more about the cutting-edge tools that race engineers rely on to gain a competitive edge.

Data Analysis and Telemetry Software

Telemetry and data analysis are vital components of race engineering. By analyzing the data collected from the car's sensors during a race, engineers can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to enhance performance. Some of the top telemetry and data analysis software used in motorsports include:

MoTeC i2

MoTeC i2 is a highly-regarded data analysis software used by many professional racing teams. This powerful tool allows race engineers to analyze a vast array of data from the car's sensors, such as engine performance, suspension, and tire behavior. The software provides comprehensive and customizable graphs, making it easy for engineers to find patterns and correlations between various data points. MoTeC i2 also offers advanced features like predictive lap timing, which helps teams strategize and make real-time decisions during a race.

ATLAS (Advanced Telemetry Linked Acquisition System)

ATLAS is another popular data analysis software used in the motorsport industry. Developed by McLaren, this software is designed to process and analyze telemetry data collected during a race. ATLAS provides a user-friendly interface with customizable workspaces, allowing race engineers to focus on the data that matters most to them. Some notable features of ATLAS include real-time data monitoring, customizable data overlays, and flexible data exporting options.

Simulation and Modeling Software

Simulation and modeling software are essential tools for race engineers, as they allow them to test various setups and configurations before implementing them in the real world. These software programs help teams optimize car performance by simulating different race scenarios and conditions. Some of the most popular simulation and modeling software in motorsports include:

rFactor Pro

rFactor Pro is a well-known racing simulation software used by many professional teams for driver training and car setup optimization. This software provides highly accurate vehicle dynamics models, allowing race engineers to test various car setups and configurations in a virtual environment. rFactor Pro also offers a range of customizable weather conditions and track layouts, which helps engineers test their cars under various scenarios and fine-tune their strategies accordingly.


ChassisSim is a powerful and versatile vehicle dynamics simulation software that allows race engineers to analyze and optimize car performance. The software provides detailed models of various aspects of a race car, such as aerodynamics, suspension, and tire behavior. ChassisSim also offers advanced features like shaker rig simulation and driver-in-the-loop integration. With its comprehensive set of tools and features, ChassisSim enables race engineers to make informed decisions about car setup and strategy.

Engine Management and Tuning Software

Optimizing engine performance is a critical aspect of race engineering. By fine-tuning the engine's various parameters, race engineers can extract maximum power and efficiency from the power unit. Some of the most widely-used engine management and tuning software in the motorsport industry include:

MoTeC M1 Tune

MoTeC M1 Tune is a powerful engine management software developed by MoTeC. This software allows race engineers to monitor and adjust various engine parameters, such as fuel delivery, ignition timing, and boost control. The user-friendly interface provides real-time data visualization, making it easy for engineers to make quick and informed decisions about engine tuning. MoTeC M1 Tune also supports advanced features like traction control, launch control, and data logging.

EFI Live

EFI Live is another popular engine management and tuning software used in the motorsports industry. This software provides race engineers with a comprehensive set of tools to fine-tune engine performance, including fuel mapping, ignition timing, and boost control. EFI Live also offers advanced features like custom operating systems, data logging, and real-time diagnostics. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of capabilities, EFI Live is a valuable tool for race engineers looking to optimize engine performance.


In conclusion, race engineers have a wide variety of software tools at their disposal to analyze and optimize various aspects of a race car's performance. From data analysis and telemetry to simulation and modeling, these software programs play a crucial role in helping race teams gain a competitive edge on the track. By leveraging the power of these advanced tools, race engineers can make informed decisions about car setup and strategy, ultimately leading to better results in the high-stakes world of motorsports.